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Our Instructors


Our Instructors

Alex Ricci

Alex Ricci

Head Coach, KRU, Founder

Kru Alex Ricci , Head Coach at M1 Thai Boxing, on the outside he’s a lean mean fighting machine, but on the inside, he is a gentle soul with a passion to teach. A mentor to all his students, “I learn a lot through competition. It really tests me. It helps me grow as a person. And I like to share my experiences and pass on my knowledge to other people,” says Ricci, who stumbled upon combat sport of Muay Thai in a library when he was a teenager.

After a visit to Thailand, the motherland of the sport, he began training and competing in fights before opening up a gym in 2006 with Dennis Carelli, that focuses on finding balance and physical strength within men, women and children. ” Has over 20 years of experience. Strong desire with making a difference in their lives. Teaching the next generation everything he has learned in this sport in the last 20 years.

Dennis Carelli

Dennis Carelli

Coach, KRU

Coach Dennis is the son of a professional boxer, introduced to Martial Arts at a very young age. His workouts consist of circuit and conditioning drills, while incorporating Muay Thai techniques.

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I thank God everyday for M1 Thai Boxing, and the family we have become part of. My daughter started training at M1 in December 2017 and instantly became addicted. What M1, Alex Ricci and all the trainers at M1 have done for my daughter is beyond words. thai boxing review

Sandy Filippazzo

BEST PLACE TO TRAIN! Seriously, ask me about joining M1 and Iโ€™ll say it was one of the best decisions Iโ€™ve ever made. thai boxing review

Melanie Di Nallo

Great reception. Great workouts. Amazing instructors. Great culture. A well kept, clean, respectable gym. I have already lost 20 pounds in my first month. muay thai review

Ross DiStefano

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